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Evil priests and ministers are a modern movie cliché
Hollywood used to portray religion positively, as in The Sound of Music


Michael Medved, radio talk show host and author, is the host of Hollywood vs. Religion

1994; 55 minutes

Movies with religious characters raise an issue that has bedeviled Hollywood time and time again: does the entertainment industry present an unfair and unnecessarily negative view of religion and people of faith? In this provocative one-hour television documentary, PBS film critic Michael Medved examines this question using clips from more than fifty well-known movies that illustrate some of the best and worst depictions of organized faith in contemporary films.

Fascinating and disturbing.
     -- Dr. James Dobson Founder, Focus on the Family

     • Silver Award, Worldfest Houston International Film
     • Certificate for Creative Excellence, U.S. International
      Film and Television Festival

Hollywood vs Religion is available for purchase on DVD.

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